Flexible supermodel escorts – a brief guide

Flexible supermodel escorts – a brief guide

Flexible supermodel escorts – a brief guide


Whenever I meet women, supermodel escorts or otherwise, I like it when they are as flexible as possible. There’s just something amazing about a woman who can put her legs behind her head while you’re making love to her. Today, I’d like to write specifically for my brothers and sisters who would like to try an experience with a very flexible woman. More specifically, I am going to help you fulfil your fantasies by pointing you towards a couple of escorts that I know fit the bill. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

The flexible supermodel escorts I know


One of the most flexible supermodel escorts I have ever seen is Fanny. She comes all the way from Eastern Europe and she has a background in gymnastics. She’s a very slender girl, with small but very beautiful breasts and a lean body that will make everything look bigger, if you know what I mean. I really love the fact that she knows how flexible she is and that she uses that to her advantage, to entice you and to make you feel so good! She’s my first and foremost recommendation when it comes to flexible supermodel escorts!

The second girl I’d like to talk about is Akira. Similar to Fanny in terms of body type, she isn’t quite as skinny and she has bigger breasts. In fact, I’d say that she’s more beautiful overall, but that’s just a matter of personal preference. Akira is a former model, she’s from Italy and, even though she’s not quite the contortionist Fanny is, she’s still extremely flexible and she knows how to do things! She’s very, very tight, even when she has her legs spread wide open, and she has one of the best bums in the industry!

Finally, the last girl I’d like to recommend is our very own blogger escort, Alice. She does yoga and that helped her become very flexible in the last couple of years. Additionally, she’s one of those supermodel escorts that refuses to bow down from a challenge, so you know you’re going to have loads of fun with her.

These are my recommendations for flexible supermodel escorts. If you’d like to have some great fun with a few great ladies that really know how to make a man imagine the possibilities, these are the girls to do it with!

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